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I do try to be consistent.  The pro-life article I linked earlier, and especially the comments afterward, assumed that responsible people would have used birth control.  In case you’re wondering, the birth control I believe in is abstinence outside of marriage, and trusting God inside of marriage. 

Responsibility is not some objective standard.  I think we should view responsibility as to something or someone.  In the instance of abstinence, we are responsible to God to abide by His instructions, trust His providence, embrace His gifts, and thus receive His blessings. 

What makes me more angry than the confused, hormonal, and lied-to women who receive abortions are the complacent, indifferent Christians who equally devalue new life by so-called prevention.  A good friend did a research paper in college on “the pill,” and was horrified to learn that the medication embraced by self-proclaimed responsible Christian wives is an abortificient.  Translation: even in the birth control doses, the pill can cause abortions of not-yet implanted embryos.  The should-be parents never know unless they’re under invasive medical screening.  All they know is that – “what a relief” – they aren’t pregnant.  What shocked my friend even more is that when she informed the Christian population, who had to be ignorant to keep using the pill, surely; she found that the friends had heard of the claim that the pill is an abortificient.  To so many Christians who would love to see Roe v. Wade overturned, the facts about their chemical birth control were irrelevant. 

I’m a sheltered homeschool Christian girl who doesn’t really need to decide for herself on these issues yet.  First I was pro-life.  Then I was anti-abortion.  Then I was anti-“the pill.”  Now I’m anti-birth control.  I’m pro-children, would love to have lots of children, and will be serving in the church nursery tomorrow (despite the fact that I don’t believe in Church nurseries). 

Be responsible…

to God. 

To God be all glory,

Lisa of Longbourn


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