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I’ve now told this story at least five times, so maybe I can write it. 

At camp there is a square around a flag pole.  Before each meal we gather at the square, and each team has a line.  No one enters the square without permission from the square master.  This is a well-guarded tradition.  At no time during camp is the square to be violated.  Even during free time when no square master is present, people walk around the square. 

On Wednesday night, precisely one week ago, the staff fed the counselors ice cream sundaes and got us hyper on funny stories.  Then they sent us out into the black night, with the square between us and our cabins.  The counselors for the boys took off in one of the staff golf carts, shortening their walk. 

And the counselors for the junior high girls, six of us: two from each of the teams, joined hands and stepped toward the square.  And a voice behind us startled us.  “What are you doing?” 

It was just a counselor, left behind by the golf cart crowd.  We invited him to join us, and he did, but mostly just on an observation mission.  We took a step.  We took happy steps.  Into the middle of the square went our six-counselor team.  And in the center we made a circle and played ring around the rosies. 

All fall down.  “Your light is on.  They’ll see you.  Your light is on!”  The counselor escorting us silly girls observed that my lantern had indeed turned on as we fell.  We were all laughing hard, and my eyes were closed, but first I turned it brighter and then got it off.  And we finished the run across the square, parted with our escort, and returned to our cabin. 

At which point we told stories, laughed, and formed a confidence support group.  All of us had been such good campers and we were so good that few of us had ever violated the square.  As penance we thought we maybe ought to return the golf cart the guys stole.  Or we could return it decorated.  Or… 

We were blessed with a scathingly brilliant idea.  We could fetch the golf cart and leave it in the square for the following morning. 

After some deliberation about whether we would be allowed to be counselors ever again, and deciding who ought to drive and whether we could leave our cabin, half of us stayed with the slumbering junior high girls and the other half found the golf cart.  And almost drove it into the gazebo and then the flag pole, but we didn’t.  We parked it right inside the square and ducked under the cover of our cabins for the night. 

It was the best adventure.  We the support group of the ring around the rosies and golf carts definitely bonded, and all miss each other very much since we left camp on Saturday. 

To God be all glory…

… so I don’t even feel guilty about relocating a golf cart.  In case you wanted to know. 

Lisa of Longbourn


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