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My oldest younger sister’s birthday was last week, but my dad was in Texas (of all places in this heat!) on business, unexpectedly there a week longer than planned.  So she made the decision to put off her celebration until he got back.  We left the presents in our living room, wrapped and ready, with a mylar balloon and everything (good thing they’re long lasting!).  If you could see our living room, you would feel the oppression of the reduced space. 
Last night my dad finally got home, and so today we celebrated.  And we were informed by the birthday girl, with some indignation at our lack of memory, that today is the day my sister was due to be born, though she had the presumption to arrive over a week early.  So instead of Happy Birthday, our greetings are: “Happy Due Date Day.”  Say it.  The phrase is rather fun. 
Since I’m all about extra reasons for celebration, I thought that I might take up the custom.  There should be some special happening on one’s Due Date Day, don’t you think? 
On a side note, my sister has the smallest room in our house.  She has filled it with furniture and shoes, including a bunk bed not of twin size, but full.  Imagine our bewilderment when one of her requests on her birthday wish list was a couch.  Indeed.  A couch.  And while I was at camp, she actually got one.  She removed the matress from her bottom bunk and maneuvered a couch beneath the top bunk, so she has her own little loft apartment in there, now complete with a refrigerator as well as a TV and a laptop.  Her genius for maximizing space is incredible. 
To God be all glory,
Lisa of Longbourn

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