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by GA Studdert-Kennedy
BREATH of Spring,
Not come, but coming,
In the air.
Life of earth, not lived
But living,
Promises, not made,
Nor broken,
But the token
Of promises that will be made.
Sunshine seeking shade,
Red earth, that smiles,
And asks for seed,
And mossy woodland paths, that lead
To where the yellow primrose grows.
And so for many coloured miles
Of open smiling France,
While noisy little streamlets dance,
In diamond mirrored suns,
To meet the stately Mother stream that flows,
With shining dignity,
To greet her Lord the sea,
And far away, beyond the hills, one hears, —
Poor village Mother, hence thy tears!–
The muffled thunder of the guns.
(Emphasis mine.) 
To God be all glory. 

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This poem is in one of my favorite hymnals, a paperback.  I have the numbers memorized for all my favorite songs.  But this is not a song, but a thoughtful poem inserted between hymns.  GA Studdert-Kennedy wrote a little poem called Indifference.  I looked for more poems he wrote, and found his whole online book, The Unutterable Beauty.  It’s sublime. 

To God be all glory,

Lisa of Longbourn

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