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Red Grapes

I made a discovery earlier this year.  Red grapes taste better than green ones.  My whole life Mom bought us green grapes.  When I was at a party, I stuck with the familiar.  On some desperate occasions when hosts inconsiderately offered only red grapes, I made do.  There was never anything wrong with them; I was just suspicious.  Surely if red grapes were not dangerous and tasted good, Mom would have varied her fruit purchase to include them.  Then finally I was shopping one day, and deciding which kind of grapes to buy.  That’s when I realized I prefer red grapes.

With green grapes, it was an adventure to try them: will they be sour or sweet?  Should you pick bigger ones or smaller?  Why do so many go mushy?  On the other hand, I can remember no bad experiences with red grapes.  All the classic images of grapes are red.  Grape juice is usually red.  Raisins seem to be dark (though I’m not sure if that happens to green grapes, too??).

A lighter flavor belongs to green grapes.  They, like green apples, have a tendency to tartness.  In some dishes and on some tables, they look brighter and more varied.  Or you could go for the bold, rich crimson of red grapes.

Purple raisins look good on salad.  They taste fabulous, too.  I like how raisins resist perishing.  There is a package at work I use for emergencies (when I slept in too long to make myself a lunch).  Today is such a day, and while popping a few into my mouth, I read the nutrition facts.  Usually when you eat fruit, you don’t get information about vitamins and calories and all that.  I know an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but I’m still not sure why.

Raisins (and I assume grapes, too) are a source of iron, of fiber, of a bit of calcium, as well as calories and carbohydrates – which is why raisins are sweet.  They also contain potassium, a substance that wards off cramps and is also found, (I know this one!) in bananas.

Oranges have Vitamin C, so I’m told.  And there are many other vitamins and minerals a body needs to stay healthy.  The nutritionists say to eat a variety of colors each day, and I don’t think M&M’s count.  I just wish I knew really what foods had what properties and how much, and how our bodies used them.  You know, like the potassium example.  That might be useful information for meal-planning and regulating the health of a family.

Meanwhile, I’m going to have my lunch of water, chai tea latte, and raisins – at 3:30 in the afternoon.  I may even supplement from the supply we keep in the office of chocolate (which I KNOW is healthy)!

To God be all glory,

Lisa of Longbourn

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