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What’s New?

The eternally frustrating question in my life, “What’s new?” has an answer tonight. 
Several days ago I had my mom trim my hair.  Except I asked her to trim about eight inches.  This, in my opinion, constitutes a haircut.  For the first time in my life, my hair was getting too long for my taste.  As I felt the snip of the scissors, I pictured Jo March holding the ends of her shorn hair between her fingers, and crying ‘my hair.’  That won’t be me; nothing so drastic, I thought.  After she was done, Mom showed me the inches of hair lying limp in the trashcan… 
Only maybe I didn’t really want so much off.  At first it was blissfully out of my way.  I ran my fingers through the full thickness and my arm didn’t even get fully extended before the ends had run through my fingers.  When I leaned over, the locks didn’t automatically fall in my way. 
Constantly fiddling with my hair, I’m acknowledging the change.  Maybe the attachment to stroking the ends isn’t mourning, but it has to be some sort of subconscious coping mechanism.  Today I washed my hair, and just now I braided it.  The braid is so short and even and thick even at the ends. 
My consolation is that the haircut/trim must be very healthy for my hair.  It’s enjoying the relief from the extra weight, swinging in lusty curls down my back just to my waist.  I’ll be saving money on conditioner for the next few months.  Most of my usual hairstyles will still be possible.  And my hair grows very fast, so soon enough it will be just the right length, healthier than ever. 
That’s what’s new. 
To God be all glory,
Lisa of Longbourn

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