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Recently my talk radio station made me furious.  1: They eliminated their sister station and sold it to some Spanish group (I’ve nothing against Spanish, but I don’t understand any of it).  So when there’s nothing good on the primary station now I turn my radio off.  (And pray; it’s actually been a good thing personally.)  2: They smushed their schedule to fit the hosts that have been on the primary station and those from the secondary station that they wanted to keep.  Unfortunately they chose very badly.  Now when I wake up, get ready, and drive to work, I don’t hear my usual morning programs, because their three-hour shows have been cropped to two and another OBNOXIOUS show sandwiched in between.  In the evenings I used to be able to listen to Mike Reagan, the voice of reason.  He really is, you know; listening to him was so soothing and common-sense.  Now I don’t think he’s on anywhere around here. 

The only thing they did right was to keep Sean Hannity’s full three hours live at the same time. 

This morning Dennis Miller, the sandwiched host (you might remember him from Monday Night Football; my parents complained every week while he announced games that he was a coarse commedian, not a sports caster), made me furious by saying that a vote for Huckabee in the primary! is a vote for Hillary Clinton to win the presidency, because, he says, only Giuliani can beat Hillary.  That’s just nonsense.  Conservatives don’t want to vote for a liberal, and to a whole bunch of them, when they look at Giuliani and Clinton, they see two pro-choice candidates.  They see them as equal, and right or wrong, will cast their vote elsewhere.  If a candidate wants to run as a conservative, as a Republican, he’d better try to win the conservative vote.  I say again, Giuliani will divide his base while attracting a few measly moderates.  It isn’t worth it.  Not for politics; not for our country. 

What bothers my dad and I is to hear all these conservative voices (online & on the radio) say they really like what Huckabee stands for, and thing he’s charismatic.  Then they say, “But he can’t win.  He doesn’t have the support.  He doesn’t have the cash.”  If all these voices would endorse according to their conscience and not their self-important prophetic politics, maybe he would have the support. 

Meanwhile, the people are starting to assert their influence against the would-be conservative powers among the voices.  Dick Morris wrote an article for Townhall pointing out yet another advance Huckabee is making on the competition against “favorites” like Romney and Giuliani.  Without the money or mainstream support, Huckabee is gaining a following among the common man.  He told his supporters concerning a straw poll for which you had to have a ticket or donation to vote: “I can’t afford to buy you. I can’t even afford to rent you.”

The American people don’t want to be bought. 

To God be all glory. 


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