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Who’s Got the Cell Phone?

Saturday I was helping friends move.  During our lunch break inside, I heard a cell phone ring, and it sounded familiar, so I wondered which one of my family members present was receiving a phone call.  No one jumped up to catch their phone, and the little chime kept ringing.  Actually it sounded closest to me of anyone, so I decided to start looking for it.  Maybe it was in the other room behind me?  I peeked my head in there only to hear it on the counter that had been beside me.  So I turned to look in the purse on the counter, and I still heard it, but not in the purse; it was back towards the front door past the opposite counter.  Finally the ring stopped and I gave up, figuring one of the guys still moving furniture must have had his cell phone. 


Seconds later my mom’s phone rang, and she laughed when she answered a call from my brother at home.  While she was finding out who he had tried to call first, my other brother (present) asked me where my phone was.  “In my back pocket.  I can feel it,” I answered with annoyance.  I mean, I would know if it was my phone, because I knew where my phone was.  It’s a trick I learned from helping people move.  Stick your phone and your keys in the back pocket of your jeans where you won’t lose them, miss calls, or have stuff in your way carrying big boxes and such.  The brother at home must have told Mom that he called me, because she said my name, and everything suddenly fit together. 


I’d been chasing my own phone in my back pocket.  No wonder wherever I looked the sound seemed to be behind me! 

To God be all glory,

Lisa of Longbourn

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