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“I remember every detail. The Germans wore grey. You wore blue.”

“Yes. I put that dress away. When the Germans march out, I’ll wear it again.”


~ Casablanca


One of the things I love about Ilsa is that she is a character.  We see only these few glimpses, and it seems like she is always dependent and following, but what kind of woman captures Rick’s heart and inspires Laszlo?  It’s the woman who wears blue the day the Germans march into Paris.  She isn’t mourning, isn’t hiding.  We know she was afraid.  But she was celebrating hope, I think – a confidence that the city-conquering Nazis would not be victorious in the end – not if brave, faithful men and women stood against them. 


But.  She has put that dress away.  She will wear it again when the Germans leave.  That will be a day also for celebrating hope – hope fulfilled. 


It would not be right for her to get the dress out early, before the Nazis are defeated.  Doing so would turn the original defiant hope into an image of how naïve she had been – despairing retrospection. 


It would not be right for her to get rid of the dress.  That would be like throwing hope away. 


Do you have anything you have “put away”?  Do you laugh when you promise that you will wear it again? 


To God be all glory, 

Lisa of Longbourn


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