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This week I have been reading a book.  The book’s title is Your God is Too Safe.  And while I have been thinking much about the content of this book, I have also been appreciating the writing.  In fact, as I read, I have been keeping a vocabulary list of the fantastic words Mark Buchanan, the author, has used.  Sitting at work beside a computer, my left hand reached over to type a word, eyes trying to hold their place on the page. 
After a list 18 inches long, I began to notice that my left hand didn’t often have to stray from its side of the keyboard.  Almost all of the words that attracted me live on the left side of the keyboard with a brush from the right, a single stroke, finishing the details.  I had thought to do an analysis of these words, separating vowels from consonants to see if the patterns are the same – if the sound has something to do with their fascination.  Or maybe I like the words with certain vowels, the rich round o’s and u’s?  But there is absolutely no explanation for being fond of words mostly contained on the left side of my keyboard. 
Go figure. 
To God be all glory,
Lisa of Longbourn

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