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Debate Fallacy

I have encountered in several debates a scenario that frustrates me. For example:

The Queen of England opened a Canadian hockey game by “dropping the puck” during her visit to North America. Insisting that such does not befit a queen, I offered the following points: 1) Queens ought to be dignified to preserve the distinction of their rank. 2) Queens need to connect with and not ostracize their people. 2a) Queens have dignified means of connecting with people. 3) Queens need to portray themselves as relevant to modern people. 3a) There are modern versions of traditional queen events. 3b) Starting a hockey game has no counterpart in traditional queen roles. 4) Hockey is modern, but not dignified. 5) Hockey is violent and unruly. 5a) Queens should not be endorsing symbols or even games portraying lawlessness.

My opponent felt that my argument was fueled merely by my dislike of hockey as a violent and unruly game. Since he personally disagreed, he dismissed this argument without relation to whether such preferences are fitting to royalty and representative heads of state, and with that threw out all of my other arguments, regardless of their relevance or logic.

This tactic is rather desperate, and will not aid in investigation or consensus. Neither is it an honest and logical approach.

To God be all glory,
Lisa of Longbourn

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