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Between Storms


This past week has been an answer to my wishes. Too few storms had come to Colorado yet this season. I love to watch a storm out the back window, or from outside if it’s not raining (too hard). Now we’ve had storms the past four days, I think. In between storms my sisters and I took our digital cameras outside and enjoyed the eerie light. We didn’t know there would be another storm until we looked up at the clouds and saw this:


How beautiful is that? 

In about a week I’ll be up at a camp near Estes Park, Colorado.  The weather there is beautiful, so I’ll be sure to take good pictures and maybe video of that.  You can expect lots of thoughts when I get back, too. 

Even now the leaves are fluttering energetically above my window, and the sky is too dark for the hour.  I love it. 

To God be all glory,

Lisa of Longbourn

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