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Moms with kids who take naps hate Daylight Savings Time. 

I hate Daylight Savings Time.  I don’t like resetting my clock, and I do not like what it does to my sunset. 

My dad agrees that to leave work when the sky is already dark is depressing. 

I have a solution for half the problems: The sunset must always be after 6 PM.  We can set our clocks around that.  In this way not only do we leave work at a less depressing hour, but we get to see the sunset.  Also waking for the sunrise is less difficult, as the sun would currently rise in Denver at about 8 AM (I think). 

Dad had a different plan: employers must let their workers leave by sunset.  That way we don’t have to work as much.  I have serious doubts about the economic implications. 

Any thoughts or suggestions?  I think we should be democratic about this.  Benjamin Franklin invented Daylight Savings Time.  Don’t you think the floor should have been opened for others to present their propositions?  And then we could vote.  Moms get a vote for themselves and each child under ten.  If enough of you my blog readers exercise your constitutional right and address the government for redress of grievances (the grief over not seeing the sun!  over children who are hungry and sleepy an hour off schedule!), maybe our democratic efforts will effect change! 

To God be all glory. 


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