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I’ve been thinking about welfare lately.  You know, with the push to socialize more and more of the United States, I thought it would be nice to think about our current socialist institutions.  And my grandparents are out of money and can’t live on their own anymore, so they’re applying for Medicaid (which requires that they be poor enough for welfare). 

That’s an interesting idea, isn’t it, that before we’ll give financial aid to people who can’t make ends meet, they have to be so poor they’ll probably never recover.  For example, my grandparents own a house.  It is possible that in the next year or so, they may be able to live there again.  At which point their cost of living would be a lot cheaper, in a house that is paid off: no rent, no mortgage.  Instead, before welfare kicks in with Medicaid coverage for long term medical care in a nursing home, they have to sell their house.  So they will be irrevocably government-dependent, and the government will have to pay more money to find them a place to live. 

I don’t even believe in welfare; I don’t think my grandparents should have applied.  But if the government is going to offer it, couldn’t they use common sense and try to make the program efficient? 

To God be all glory,
Lisa of Longbourn

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First go to the Townhall article “Abortion Wars” by  Robert Novak.  I wrote the following in response to his article and the comments made on his report. 

1. Planned Parenthood was founded to deliver abortions to the poor and irresponsible in order to annihilate them in a few generations. Instead the availability of abortions at low cost subsidized the people groups (poor and irresponsible), increasing their numbers as all subsidies do.

2. Since Planned Parenthood sells abortions for such low costs, and is losing money on them, without making money in other areas or from donations (including government ones), they would not be able to provide abortions at those costs.

3. Kansas has reason to believe Planned Parenthood often and variously breaks the law. Other states and investigative agencies have evidence of illegal activity by Planned Parenthood across the country.

4. The Constitution does not permit federal tax or tariff $ to go to any kind of health care/research/prevention. It is supposed to support the government.

5. Regardless, the US congress annually criminally allots millions of dollars to the support of this allegedly criminal institution.

6. Then the US government, which has subsidized irresponsibility and devaluation of human life and reproduction and sex, allots more money to supposedly rehabilitate the victims of their subsidies: poor, emotionally traumatized, physically traumatized, sexually abused, financially irresponsible, sexually irresponsible, STD-infected, and murderers (taught to devalue human life by the federal example).

Even without going into the moral argument, which I fully support, there is no pragmatic or legal excuse for our tax dollars to fund Planned Parenthood.

To God be all glory,
Lisa of Longbourn

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